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• AT HOME PET EUTHANSIA SERVICES – For Dogs, Cats & Other House Pets


The first – more than a quarter century of service in Massachusetts – the most professional, experienced and compassionate in home pet euthanasia service available.


Provided by a Licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Serving all of Eastern and Central Massachusetts.


Webster’s Dictionary defines euthanasia as “an easy, painless death”.  That is the most any of us can hope for, and what we would all wish for our loved ones.  A trip to the vet’s office has never been one of your pet’s favorite experiences.  It generally involves a stressful car ride, an anxious and sometimes long wait in a busy lobby, and often some discomfort for everyone involved.

Your pet’s last hours really shouldn’t take place in such a foreign, anxiety-filled and clinical environment.  Your pet is a member of your family.  They should be in the peaceful and familiar surroundings of their home, and they should be in the company of the loving family with whom they have bonded over a lifetime.  Perhaps in a special place – their bed, on a sunlit patio, or under a favorite tree.

When the time comes for this final Act Of Kindness, Dr. Tom Murtha will come to your home to help you say goodbye to your pet in a peaceful, kind and loving manner. After meeting with you and your family, Dr. Murtha will administer a series of 2 or 3 injections. The first injection(s) will tranquilize your pet and help them to become fully relaxed and free from pain, usually within five to ten minutes.

When you and your pet are both ready, Dr. Murtha will administer the final injection, which is a concentrated form of a barbiturate anesthetic. The first effect of this injection is complete loss of consciousness – the patient is literally anesthetized and feels nothing – and within several seconds, the rest of the body’s functions slow down and then stop. Life has come full circle, and An Act Of Kindness is now complete.


Following home euthanasia, most pet owners choose to have their pet’s remains individually cremated and returned to them.  Dr. Murtha entrusts and recommends Forget-Me-Not Pet Crematory in Northborough, Massachuessets for this service. For those clients who prefer burial over cremation, Dr. Murtha entrusts and recommends Angel View Pet Cemetery And Crematory in Middleborough, Massachusetts.

Dr. Murtha will transport your pet’s remains to the crematory following euthanasia.  On weekends, after-hours or holidays, remains are immediately placed in plastic encasements and frozen until they can be transported to the crematory – usually within just a few days time.

Dr. Tom provides an invaluable service. When our 16 year old dog began to fail, we were very emotional & unsure about what to do. Dr Tom counseled us through this period via phone and email, but did not push us to make a decision or take any action. When we were finally ready to say goodbye to our old friend, Dr Tom came over that night. He was extremely compassionate & gentle with our pet, and with us. The whole process was kind and serene, and allowed us the privacy & comfort to mourn. Afterward, Dr Tom followed up to be sure our pet’s remains were handled appropriately & delivered to us safely. After this experience, I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Tom to anyone, or to use his services again if need be.

Peg – Swampscott Massachusetts

Your Pet’s individually cremated remains will be delivered to your home in our standard urn or any premium decorative urn of your choosing, by the crematory via UPS – usually in about 7 to

10 days. If you don’t wish to have your pet’s ashes returned, they can be scattered or buried by the crematory instead.

Special Hand Delivery of Cremated Remains:  Private hand delivery of cremated remains from the crematory directly to the pet owner’s home by An Act Of Kindness is available if you do not wish to have your pet’s remains shipped via standard UPS delivery.  UPS is a very reputable and reliable company and while UPS delivery issues such as delays and damage are possible, they are exceedingly rare.  Private hand delivery of cremated remains by An Act Of Kindness is an option that is available to those pet owners who are not comfortable taking risks of any kind with their pet’s remains.

If you don’t wish to have your pet’s remains individually cremated, there are other options: communal cremation, burial at the pet cemetery, or collection by a city agency if your city or town offers such services.


Even when your pet’s quality of life is clearly not what it once was and you’re concerned that they may be suffering, the decision to put them to sleep can still be a difficult one to make.  Making the decision is often a painful and difficult process that many describe as heartbreaking  or “the hardest thing they’ve ever had to do”.  Others may feel immense guilt or procrastinate and avoid making the decision altogether.

Although it’s difficult, planning an at-home euthanasia for your ailing pet is usually the kindest and most humane thing that you can do.  In most cases, it truly is An Act Of Kindness.  It’s helpful to learn more about the process – talk openly, ask questions – and plan things in advance as much as possible.  Doing these things can help to give you a greater sense of control in a difficult time, lessen the feelings of tension and dread that most of us feel, and allow for a more peaceful experience for everyone involved.


If you are considering euthanasia for your pet, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Murtha by phone or email.  He can help to answer any questions you may have about your pet’s medical condition, their quality of life and how to recognize when the time has come to say goodbye, as well as explain the euthanasia procedure and aftercare.

If you’ve already made the decision to euthanize your pet, Dr. Murtha can be helpful in affirming your decision and/or answering any questions you may have about the procedure itself as well as aftercare.

Serving Eastern & Central Massachusetts on a Non-Emergency Basis