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HPE Testimonials

“Dear Dr. Tom,

Dana and I want to thank you for your Act of Kindness. Bangor and her brother Hardley are now together waiting for us.

With love,

North Weymouth, MA

“Dr. Murtha,

I have been wanting to write a thank you note since August. You came to our house to euthanize our beloved greyhound Wiley. We are very grateful to you, that he died at home. You were top notch: professional, re-assuring, and compassionate. I know what you do cant be easy. Letting us know what was about to happen, letting us be alone to grieve by walking away was much appreciated and respectful. We were glad to know also your career and involvement over the years with greyhounds; from birth, to track, to death. Once again we were very pleased with everything at a most difficult and trying time.
Thank you.

Dave and Joann Buscemi”

Dave and Joann Buscemi
Littleton, MA

“Dear Tom,

Thank you for the kind words in your card and for the compassion showed to Vader and our family during this very difficult time for us. You are a true professional and a gentlemen.

Mark V.”

“Dear Dr. Tom,

Thank you for your kindness today. As much as I dreaded Whisper’s final hour, you made her last journey so much easier for her and me. You are preforming a wonderful service.

Thanks Again,

“Dear Dr. Murtha & Staff,

Thank you for your home visit earlier this month. It is very obvious that you are a caring person. Helping Chief pass on at home put all of us more at ease (he loved his couch!). Thank you also for the sympathy card. We wish all the best for everyone at NAHAH in 2013 and I hope your Frenchie has a smooth pregnancy!”

The Mewhiney Family
Susan Mewhiney
North Andover, MA

“Dear Dr. Tom,

Thank you for the card and especially for the personal message of comfort. Losing my precious cat Spanky was painful to a degree many would not think possible. It was the center of my life for most of his life. Finding you and the at home euthanasia service was an incredible gift. I can’t imagine ever letting a pet go any other way.
To help with my loss, I began a document to tell the story of my life with Spanky. I’m writing it as a letter to him. He was always a good listener (smile). I am sharing the portion that includes the time we spend with you. Perhaps you will see how much I appreciate what you do. God bless you always.”

Janice Coulter
Haverhill, MA

Read “Letter to Spanky”

Dear Dr. Tom,

“It’s been two months now since you came to my house to help me send my Freckles off to her next place. It has been very hard and I miss her very much, but I am now blessed and thankful to Freckles and my Joe (my husband who died 10 years ago) for sending me a rescue pup from Tennessee. I swear they both led this sweet girl Angelica (I call her Angie) to me.

I am 62, a nurse, and I lead a slow-paced calm life. This girl (Angie) although young (supposedly a lab/retriever mix) is very mellow and timid. She’s calm, does not bark, and is smart and sweet. I thought that since you see so many sad (although very important) things – but this photo of a young, new girl would make you smile. She makes me smile.

The other photo is of Freckles when she was younger – but I wanted you to see how cute and lovable she was.

Thanks again for what you do.”

Joy Taylor
East Bridgewater, MA

Dear Dr. Tom,

It has been five days since you came to my house to send my precious Freckles to “her next place”. I really do believe that my husband Joe, who passed on 10 years ago, has been waiting for his baby girl to come. She is begging, eating and running with him now. I have taken five pets to vet offices to be euthanized, and each time I’ve left empty hearted and sad for the way that they left this earth.

This experience with you was beautiful, as sad as it was to let her go. I am so thankful to you for the caring way that you are. I felt so comfortable from the first conversation on Saturday evening and I knew then that you would be the one to help us.

I am a nurse and ideal with dialysis patients every day, and have for 42 years. They always face an uncertain future and I have always tried to help them plan and consider how they would like to leave this earth. And many times I help families who are dealing with end-of-life issues talk about and sort through their feelings and fears. Leaving is not as hard on the one going as it is on those who are left behind. I know that Freckles is okay – I cry tears for myself, not her, because I was so blessed to have her for 14 years – and I miss her.

When Joe’s (my husband’s) time was near, he wanted to come home – and he died in his own bed with Freckles at his side, not in a cold hospital room. So I thank you for allowing me to do the same for my sweet friend. It was a pleasure to meet you.”


Joy Taylor
(mom of Freckles)

Dr. Tom provides an invaluable service. When our 16 year old dog began to fail, we were very emotional & unsure about what to do. Dr Tom counseled us through this period via phone and email, but did not push us to make a decision or take any action. When we were finally ready to say goodbye to our old friend, Dr Tom came over that night. He was extremely compassionate & gentle with our pet, and with us. The whole process was kind and serene, and allowed us the privacy & comfort to mourn. Afterward, Dr Tom followed up to be sure our pet’s remains were handled appropriately & delivered to us safely. After this experience, I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Tom to anyone, or to use his services again if need be.

North Shore of Massachusetts

Hello, Dr. Murtha. Leslie and I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated the caring and professional way that you handled helping our buddy Buster go to his next life. We couldn’t have asked for a better way for this very difficult event to happen. Thank you, and thank you for the sympathy card, which really meant a lot to us.

You probably have seen this, but in case you haven’t, here’s something I found on the Internet that helped us to know that we had to be with Buster at the end…

Please take care of me when I grow old. When I no longer enjoy good health, please do not make heroic efforts to keep me going. I am not having fun. Just see to it that my trusting life is taken gently. On the difficult journey, on the ultimate difficult journey, go with me, please. Never say you can’t bear to watch. Don’t make me face this alone. Everything is easier for me if you are there. Because I love you so.

Hear Leslie in her own words:

Thank you again.
— Bill & Leslie Hoop

Making the decision to have Elwood put to sleep was the most difficult decision I have ever made. Your patience and kindness throughout the entire procedure was beyond anything I had expected…thank you. I could tell from your voice over the phone and after meeting you that you have a gift and I am sure most people will agree that you make the process so much easier. I have begun to make a garden around the base of the little tree where Elwood spent his last moments of his life.

I received his ashes in less than a week. They also sent the lock of his hair. Now I have to think of Jake, he seems to be adjusting well. So Tom again I thank you so very much. You are a very special person. Sincerely,

Dee Martinelli
Taunton, MA

My name is Janet Hunter and have just now become aware that you are no longer at VCA. I hope you do not mind my writing you this note, but had to wish you well. You helped me throughout the years with my West Highland Terriers’ health and well-being. But when it came time to end their suffering, you touched my heart because of your natural compassion, interest in what was best for the pet, empathy for the owners, and handled the entire process from terminal diagnosis, to euthanasia, and all the way up to your sending a personal card, writing the most beautiful comforting words, to my home afterwards. I will never forget that. You are a special, gifted man, and I believe this is your calling. You give so much of yourself to your clients and patients.

The hardest part of being a pet owner is facing the end…and you are capable of making it bearable. You told me that my dog lives in the moment…something I am still striving to do myself. The kindest thing I can give to someone who is facing their pet’s leaving is to refer them to you. It’s not specifically what you said or did, it’s how you made me feel. I was trying to reach you at VCA because my latest Westie, whom you did get to meet and examine, etc., was chosen to have her picture on business cards promoting Beacon Photography here in Winthrop.

If you have any clients or know anyone who would want a beautiful portrait picture taken of their pet, please let me know and I will be happy to put them in touch with the owner, John Munson, at Beacon. God bless you Dr. Murtha, I wish you all the best.


Janet Hunter
Winthrop, MA

Hi Dr. Murtha,

Just wanted to thank you for coming to our house on Saturday and for the peaceful way our Annie was euthanized. We’re so happy she didn’t have to go into a vet’s office and be terrified in her last moments. Thank you for your gentle and respectful manner throughout the process. It’s been a very difficult week for us, but each day gets a little easier, and we know that we made the right decision, in preventing Annie from any further suffering or hardship, and allowing her to pass away in the peace and comfort of her own home, surrounded by her loved ones. If I know of anyone else in a similar situation, I will gladly recommend you and your services to them.

Take care

Thomas J. Treacy

– Doug Gardner