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Schedule Home Visit

Please call us at 978.965.8387 to schedule an appointment.

Regular Service Hours:
Monday through Thursday, 8 am to 8 pm.
Friday, 8 am to 6 pm.
Saturday, 9 am to 4 pm.

Sunday Service Call Fee – $50.00
After Hours Service Call Fee – $75.00
Sunday Service Call Fee – $75.00
Emergency Service Call Fee – $75.00 (also applies to schedule changes,i.e. moving a scheduled service to earlier time slot and/or day.)

Full payment is required at the time scheduling of service visit is finalized, unless prior arrangements have been made.

PAYMENT POLICY: NAHAH respectfully requests that our clients take care of the financial arrangements prior to the scheduled time of the service call to your home. It is very difficult and uncomfortable for both the veterinarian and the client/pet owner to discuss financial matters at the time of the in-home euthanasia service call. In-home pet euthanasia is truly a sacred moment for all those involved, and at NAHAH it is our belief that discussing financial matters at the time of the euthanasia service call only serves to break the sanctity of this moment. Therefore, we ask clients of NAHAH to take care of all arrangements for aftercare of their pet’s remains as well as all financial arrangements 24 hours in advance of the scheduled euthanasia service call – or in more emergent situations, as soon as possible prior to the arrival of the veterinarian for the euthanasia service call.

Cancellation Policy: Please note, there is a nonrefundable 25% Cancellation Fee once euthanasia services have been scheduled by a client and a specific time slot has been reserved in our service schedule exclusively for that client to perform a euthanasia or other service.   The Cancellation Fee is 25% of the total services scheduled and paid for by the client.  A check for the remaining balance (75%) will be mailed to the client once the funds have been processed, deposited and cleared (a check is typically mailed out within  two week time frame).