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“After going to our local vet with our poodle, Max, they told us that Max probably had bladder stones since he was experiencing symptoms and had blood in his urine. They sent us to a facility called Blue Pearl Emergency and Specialty in Waltham, MA because they were not confident that they could do the bladder stone removal effectively and get all the stones out. After going to Blue Pearl we were feeling deflated because of how much the surgery was going to cost and not sure what the actual surgery entailed. The consultation at Blue Pearl was not very informative. We decided that we should do some online research and try to find another facility. After contacting a few other places that all charged between $100.00 and $150.00 for a consultation, we found NAHAH. NAHAH was able to give us a free consultation and price comparison, so we had nothing to lose. Our first impression of NAHAH was great; the rooms looked as if I was going to my own doctor. Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel so comfortable. When we met Dr. Murtha, he treated Max not like a ‘thing’ but like our ‘everything’ – which he is! Dr. Murtha really took the time to explain the whole procedure and WHY it was important. Now I could understand for myself why it was important instead of just taking someone’s word for it. Dr. Murtha’s confidence really put us at ease. Then when we saw how much it would cost we were elated! We saved 30% over the other facility and I feel like Max got better quality care. Max had the surgery and we knew he was in great care when the technician called us to postpone his pick up time because he wasn’t quite steady on his feet yet. I knew then that they were keeping a close eye on him and not just ignoring him. I really hope everyone that needs a surgical procedure done takes advantage of what Dr.Murtha and his staff have to offer. We were able to give “Max” quality care at a significant savings without ‘cutting corners’. It really does make sense, why go with these large corporations when you could go direct with the surgeon and save.”

Liu Yansheng, Boxborough, MA

“My overall experience with the care and delivery of my dog Paige’s puppies was excellent. From the time I made my first phone call to Dr. Murtha, we talked four to five times before Paige was even admitted. I brought her in, she had an exam and the doctor watched her behavior and determined that she was not yet in active labor and then admitted her to the hospital. She went into full labor at 3am, Dr. Murtha supervised the delivery of 2 pups Paige was able to deliver herself. Dr. Murtha called me to let me know how Paige was doing step-by-step. As time passed and it began to become apparent that Paige was unable to deliver her remaining puppies, Dr. Murtha made the decision to proceed with a Cesarean Section; there were three healthy puppies born. Then, a few hours later I got the call that everyone was doing well. Paige was recovering well from her surgery and the staff at NAHAH told me that I could pick up Paige and her puppies at 12 noon. I had complete confidence in Dr. Murtha and his staff. The staff was still calling me every couple of days to check on Paige and her babies. The pups had their tails docked at 10 days of age and are recovering well, in another week the stitches will be removed. I would like to thank Dr. Murtha and his staff for giving us and Paige such wonderful care.”

Kristen Ward, Haverhill, MA

“My two dogs have the distinct pleasure of being one of Dr. Murtha’s first patients at NAHAH. My puppy, Mufasa has been examined by Dr. Murtha from the time I first got him and is in excellent health. My five year old mutt, Beau Jangles, tore his ACL during the fall of 2011. I brought him to Dr. Murtha for an exam after my regular vet told me his ACL was not torn and that it was just an aggravated or strained muscle. Dr. Murtha immediately knew that Beau had a torn ACL and worked patiently with Beau and me through the operation. Beau is a very anxious dog and Dr. Murtha’s handling of him was patient and loving. He was very conscious of not upsetting Beau and keeping him calm. The operation was flawless. Now, four months later, Beau is chasing Mufasa around in circles on our walks and much happier. I would recommend NAHAH to everybody.”

Coleen Sullivan, Bradford, MA

“Dear Dr. Murtha: I am writing this letter just to let you know what a wonderful, kind, compassionate Doctor you are. I have a West Highland Terrier, Schultz McDuff that had a cancerous mass on his neck that you removed. Schultz just loves you too. With my last vet, Schultz could not stand him and would always try to do anything to get out of the room. It used to take four people just to hold him down, but with you he just follows you around and dogs can tell more about people than humans.

The surgery was very scary as he is twelve years old and you had to make sure you got the whole tumor. You called me every day to let me know everything that was going on from the type of cancer through the surgery. I was a total wreck as Schultz is my life and you understood that.

I cannot thank you enough for getting him through this and he is a happy boy now and back to his old self. Thank you so much I will let everyone know that NAHAH has such a great staff and offer what I feel is the best care and treatment.”

Suzanne Craig, Bradford, MA

“Dear Dr. Murtha & Staff, Thank you for your home visit earlier this month. It is very obvious that you are a caring person. Helping Chief pass on at home put all of us more at ease (he loved his couch!). Thank you also for the sympathy card. We wish all the best for everyone at NAHAH and I hope your Frenchie has a smooth pregnancy!”

Susan Mewhiney, North Andover, MA

“Dr. Murtha, My girlfriend just notified me of your conversation regarding our boxer, Oliver, and some of our health concerns. I must say that it is refreshing to find a vet that does not require us to come in, charging office visit fees when you know that it would be unnecessary. Thank you for being a vet we can trust, you will most definitely be our go-to.”

Jon Newman, Danvers, MA

“If I could give more stars I would. Just when I thought I had no options and had no luck tirelessly calling clinics across Massachusetts for my dog, Mojo, I was referred to NAHAH. Dr. Murtha is an incredible, honest, straight forward doctor with an amazing staff! Thank you for everything you’ve done!”

Katie Delahanty, Framingham, MA

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