Dermatology (Skin Care)

Just like you go to see your primary care doctor for overall wellness or your dentist to ensure your teeth are in good condition, sometimes you may need to see a dermatologist if you’re experiencing issues with your skin. Our pets can experience very similar dermatological ailments and it’s important to know that this isn’t something your pet has to live with untreated.

The NAHAH team of doctors are thoroughly educated and trained in diagnostics as it relates to your pet’s health and quality of life. Our clients come to us with common skin concerns that we diagnose and determine the proper treatment path, including:

  • Allergies
  • Bites and scratches
  • Growths
  • Hair loss
  • Hives
  • Infection
  • Itchy, flaky skin
  • Rashes


Perhaps your pet’s food, medication or outdoor allergens are causing a skin reaction, or a skin condition could be the symptom of an underlying issue. We’ll work with you to get your pet back on a healthy track, free of discomfort.

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