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Dr. Murtha has performed over 3,000 Quadri-Lateral Fabellar (QLF) surgeries over the last 35 years, developing and perfecting the QLF since the late 1980’s. He now performs an average of 4-6 QLF’s each week. And nearly 50% of his clients travel from out of state for their pets to undergo Dr. Murtha’s revolutionary procedure.

As part of extensive surveying we’ve been conducting over the last couple of years, 100% of 1-year post-op clients state the patient is recovering well, and 68% further define the recovery as “outstanding”. While we pride ourselves in the comfort and quality of life of our patients and satisfaction of their owners, don’t listen to us—hear it straight from our many satisfied clients. Below you can read testimonials from clients at various stages of the recovery process, from as early as 2 weeks post-op all the way to 5 years later!

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2 Weeks Post-Op
Patient: Gracie | Age: 2 years old | Recovery: 2 weeks post-op

“Her comfort level? Exceeded expectations! Fully functioning. I can’t say enough how impressed I am with the results. Gracie wants to run each time we go outside and that will be the most difficult task to keep her calm during the recovery.” – Richard Duchaney, Hampton Falls, NH

Patient: Goose | Age: 2 years old | Recovery: 2 weeks post-op

“Goose’s comfort level is back to normal and his level of function is good – he wants to resume to normal activities.” – Dawn & Keith Dauray, Litschfield, RI

Patient: Sammie | Age: 2 years old | Recovery: 2 weeks post-op

“Thank you for your phone calls. It has made us feel comfortable knowing we can communicate and get answers long distance.” – Donna & Larry Vater, Southfield, MI

Patient: Bailey | Age: 5 years old | Recovery: 2 weeks post-op

“Bailey’s comfort level is pretty good, sleeping well, walking well and functions very comfortably. I am very happy with the outcome of this surgical procedure. I did not want to do TPLO and was happy to find this alternative.” – Steve Jackson, Holyoke, MA

Patient: Tatum | Age: 7 years old | Recovery: 2 weeks post-op

“Tatum is feeling more and more confident. She is using her leg normally on walks. She still lifts and hops after sitting or lying for a while. Her leg appears to be functioning quite well. Looks like she is able to do a full range of motion. She got the TPLO surgery in 2016 on the left leg.” – Meryl Ayres, Medford, MA

Patient: Wesley | Age: 4 years old | Recovery: 2 weeks post-op

“Wesley seems very comfortable; his level of function is much better but still has healing to do.” – Granger and Luff, Worcester, MA

Patient: Murphy | Age: 4 years old | Recovery: 2 weeks post-op

“He is ready to be a 4 year old lab again! Using leg with authority 75% of the time.” – Mary Fitch, Newport, MA

Patient: Lincoln | Age: 4 years old | Recovery: 2 weeks post-op

“Lincoln’s is doing outstanding. Some soreness/stiffness after resting but otherwise rearing to go! Level of function is good, some stiffness, slight limp and leg extends to the side when squatting or sitting.” – C. Chaves, Hudson, MA

8 Weeks Post-Op

Patient: Fenway | Age: 3 years old | Recovery: 8 weeks post-op

“Fenway does not show any signs of pain and his level of function is better than pre-surgery.” – Sarah Crosbie, Lynnfield, MA

Patient: Bodhi | Age: 5 years old | Recovery: 8 weeks post-op

“I am super impressed with every aspect of getting my dog’s ACL repaired. He tore one, I got it repaired somewhere else, so I can directly compared the experiences. Their attention to detail and genuine interest in my dog’s health is unmatched.” – Victoria Chamberlain, Milton, MA

Patient: Willow | Age: 6 years old | Recovery: 8 weeks post-op

“Awesome job, awesome people. THANK YOU! 2nd ACL repair, no hesitation or thought on who to call. NAHAH was the only place to go. Great Staff. Excellent repair/surgery. Thank you all NAHAH Staff and Dr. Murtha. Excellent job!” – Peter Blumsack, Amesbury, MA

Patient: Lilly | Age: 2 years old | Recovery: 8 weeks post-op

“Comfort level would be 9 out of 10, overall function is great! I highly recommend NAHAH and Dr. Murtha’s procedure.” – Walter Vick, Lynn, MA

Patient: Otis | Age: 5 years old | Recovery: 8 weeks post-op

“The staff has been a pleasure, I will highly recommend NAHAH. I will also use NAHAH for any other major issues Otis or any of my other pets have. I wish I lived closer!” – Susan Gardener, Salem, MA

Patient: Sammy | Age: 11 years old | Recovery: 8 weeks post-op

“Excellent, excellent, excellent – quality of care and staff, exceptional! Level of function is pretty much back to before surgery.” – Loretta Gangi, North Andover, MA

Patient: Otis | Age: 9 years old | Recovery: 8 weeks post-op

“After researching options, I felt this procedure would be the best option for my dog. I have been overwhelmed with the level of professionalism, caring and follow-up from everyone at NAHAH! I really feel this facility sets the standard! Thank you for helping my buddy so thoroughly!” – Roger Morin, Cumberland, RI

Patient: Bandit | Age: 12 years old | Recovery: 8 weeks post-op

“Complete comfort, Bandit’s level of function is 95% as he occasionally hops a step or two after lying down. Thank you all for your exceptional service, care and kindness. You made a very stressful and scary time, bearable. We are blessed, grateful and thankful.” – Michelle Lorenzi, Haverhill, MA

Patient: Sampson | Age: 9 years old | Recovery: 8 weeks post-op

“I am very content with Sampson’s comfort level at this point; he seems to have full mobility. The receptionists were always friendly and welcoming. Very good response time for phone calls and questions. As patients, we always felt a top priority. Very impressed with cleanliness of the clinic.” – Amber Cooper, Fitchburg, MA

Patient: Coco | Age: 3 years old | Recovery: 8 weeks post-op

“I was initially told that my dog had luxating patella at another hospital but he was diagnosed with ACL at NAHAH and received amazing care here with Dr. Murtha! Coco’ surgery went really well and he is recovering quickly.” – Jennifer Jeong, North Andover, MA

Patient: Ellie | Age: 6 years old | Recovery: 8 weeks post-op

“Ellie manages very well, feeling comfortable. Her level of function is good, walks and puts weight on it. Dr. Murtha and the staff were excellent!” – Jamie and Kevin Trillo, Kennebunk, Maine

Patient: Shelby Eleanor | Age: 9 years old | Recovery: 8 weeks post-op

“Her comfort level is excellent, minus her lack of patience. Her level of function is good – still working on strength and balance but constant improvement.” – Heidi Sheehan, Londonderry, NH

Patient: Finn | Age: 6 years old | Recovery: 8 weeks post-op

“We are very pleased with Finn’s recovery. Finn is too, indicated by her wagging tail every time we come here!” – David Burke, Methuen, MA

6 Months Post-Op

Patient: Shadow | Age: 13 years old | Recovery: 6 months post-op

“Shadow is going on 14 years old. She is mobile, active and seems to be pain free. Very pleased with the outcome.” – Christine & Marc Kelberman, Bolton, MA

Patient: Lucky | Age: 6 years old | Recovery: 6 months post-op

“Lucky walks, runs, and has no visible issues with her repaired leg. Functionality has been fully restored.” – Elizabeth Lewandowski, Hampstead, NH

Patient: Doc | Age: 13 years old | Recovery: 6 months post-op

“Very comfortable – only issue occurs after a very long walk but after rest he is fine. His functionality is excellent; he is running and playing normally. This is our second dog that Dr. Murtha has performed ACL surgery on. I love his technique and I love how he explains why this is better than TPLO surgery. I have told many friends what a fantastic job he did with Benita and Doc.” – Kathleen Errico, Haverhill, MA

Patient: Leo | Age: 4 years old | Recovery: 6 months post-op

“He seems fine overall, still limps somewhat from time to time. He functions very well, mostly back to normal but favors his “good” leg for sure. We have been very happy with the service and Leo’s prognosis. We are so happy that we choose this surgery VS TPLO surgery.” – Christy Cegelski, Gilford, NH

Patient: Chloe | Age: 6 years old | Recovery: 6 months post-op

“Comfort/functionality is good! The dog did lean to other side while standing in still position for almost a year. We were not expecting this, but it has improved 90%. I have already recommended Dr. Murtha to 3 other families.” – Laura Klimas, North Andover, MA

Patient: Maya | Age: 7 years old | Recovery: 6 months post-op

“Maya’s fully functional, 100% back to normal. Her level of function is excellent. Great staff, great results—very happy overall.” – Susan Carelli, Somersworth, NH

Patient: Peschi Salatino | Age: 4 years old | Recovery: 6 months post-op

“100% Satisfied with all the service, follow up calls, billing and all the interactions with NAHAH staff. Very satisfied!” – Chad Salatino, Winthrop, MA

Patient: Sumi | Age: 11 years old | Recovery: 6 months post-op

“So grateful for you! Thank you.” – Jim Williams, Belmont, MA

Patient: Tukka | Age: 4 years old | Recovery: 6 months post-op

“He is very comfortable and functions perfectly. Thank you for taking care of Tukk!” – Jean Shibilia, Wilmington, MA

Patient: Piper | Age: 9 years old | Recovery: 6 months post-op

“Piper’s comfort level is very good, she isn’t sprinting around but she gets up and chases her sister around. Stairs are a little challenging but she still gets up them.” – Charles Holetz, Salem, MA

Patient: Max | Age: 10 years old | Recovery: 6 months post-op

“Comfort level seems to be good, walks around easily with limited pain. Little bit of impact observed walking up and down the stairs but overall very stable functioning of repaired leg. What a stressful time and I have to say the staff was so caring and compassionate-took such great care of Max and anytime needed to assure me as we went through it and answered all questions with patience. I was so appreciative!” – Kim Saturely, Sandown, NH

1 Year Post-Op

Patient: Hattie | Age: 6 years old | Recovery: 1 year post-op

“Hattie is able to do all her favorite things with no hesitation or discomfort. I would say she is as comfortable as could be. She functions very well. The only thing that she won’t try is a very steep staircase. Normal staircases are no issue. Having had two different kinds of surgical repairs (TPLO and Dr. TM’ procedure) on her ACL I found she recovered stronger and quicker with the NAHAH approach and did not take a huge financial hit. We could not be more pleased with the results and love how much her quality of life has improved.” – Michael Young, Westford, MA

Patient: Bailey | Age: 13 years old | Recovery: 1 year post-op

“Bailey is doing great! No limping, a walk, runs, has trouble getting up or going up the stairs but does it (hesitates a bit, and then go). Some stiffness no pain—might be due to age. Does not have pain when moving, just getting up, seems to be related to age. I have full confidence that my dog was in the best hands possible and that his repair will continue to serve him well. Thank you for helping my dog!” – Renee Donnolly, Plaistow, NH

Patient: Osiris | Age: 3 years old | Recovery: 1 year post-op

“Level of function: 100% improvement. Better moral. Her comfort level 100% better, fewer rests, more pep in his step! The staff was truly amazing. Being there, and reassuring everything was going to be ok, answered all my questions, made sure Osiris was healing ok, everything. If I lived closer, NAHAH would be my #1 go to for veterinary services. Thank you guys so much! You are truly the best. Si’s is living 1000% better and I can tell he thanks us every day. Thank you for all your support, and making my best buddy feel better.” – Jenna Johnson, Nashua, NH

Patient: Argo Buttercup | Age: 9 years old | Recovery: 1 year post-op

“His comfort level: Good but has a hard time sitting (stiff) can no longer sit straight. AB’s functionality: Very good! Can run, play with other dogs, and jump small obstacles. After 1st surgery, I followed post-op recovery instructions very strictly. After 2nd surgery I did in general, let the dog increase his activity level based on how he felt and he recovered much faster after the 2nd surgery. With the 2nd surgery I also didn’t constrain him to a pen; he had access to 2 rooms as usual (less change/stress for him). I will recommend NAHAH/MVSRC to friends and family!” – Sophie Lowery, Charlestown, MA

Patient: Marley | Age: 9 years old | Recovery: 1 year post-op

“Marley is very comfortable, almost back to normal, he seems to struggle with stairs and after long hikes he gets sore. He’s fully functional, happy per usual and full of energy. I did not know what to expect and I did not know if he was going to be able to be the same but thankfully he is back almost to his full self. I think for the results and recovery time the cost of this procedure was reasonable. It is an expensive surgery none the less but I understand it’s not an easy procedure but it does hurt your pocket. I can’t thank you all enough for the care and love given to Marley. I appreciate all your efforts and I am beyond grateful I did my research and found you guys and Dr. Murtha. He is incredible and my dog’s life is more important than I could ever express and he is still his happy self! Thank you.” – Andrea Baez, Brighton, MA

Patient: Rocky | Age: 10 years old | Recovery: 1 year post-op

“He is back to 100% 9 years old and acting like a puppy again! Full functioning. THANK YOU!” – Amanda Lebel, Newton, NH

Patient: Lunar | Age: 5 years old | Recovery: 1 year post-op

“P is doing well! He does not favor his leg/knee at all, seems comfortable and at ease. Level of function – sometimes limps after excessive exercise and long periods of rest/sleep.” – Paul Mclaughlin, Nashua, NH

Patient: Rafael | Age: 7 years old | Recovery: 1 year post-op

“Rafael is doing excellent! He had surgery on both knees within a year.” – Raylene Wentz, Haverhill, MA

Patient: Fig | Age: 5 years old | Recovery: 1 year post-op

“At times Fig shows some discomfort after activity (like a mile hike or playing ball for a few throws) but overall he is doing very well!” – Julie Forrest, Merrimack, NH

Patient: Sophie | Age: 5 years old | Recovery: 1 year post-op

“At first, Sophie did not put any weight on the leg unless she was walking. Now she puts 80% of weight on it even while just standing. There is a bit of a pointy spot under the skin. She walks, runs, swims, and jumps just like she did before the tear. I have been supplementing her with Cosequin DS Plus TID.” – Amy Lu, Andover, MA

Patient: Homer | Age: 2 years old | Recovery: 1 year post-op

“Thanks for everything!!” – Carol Linsdey, Leominster, MA

2 Years Post-Op

Patient: Delgado | Age: 6 years old | Recovery: 2 years post-op

“This was the most amazing surgery! He had both legs repaired at once and he showed no signs of pain. I followed all Dr. Murtha’s post op instructions exactly and recovered beautifully! Delgado was previously misdiagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy, a neurological condition. Once we decided to see Dr. Murtha, without hesitation he knew Delgado had thorn both ACLs. Almost 2 years after surgery, he is doing remarkably well! He can outrun all of his playmates; he plays harder than any of them, 100% normal again or even better than before! Dr. Murtha’s procedure was life changing.” – Janet Anderson, Union Grove, AL

Patient: Tala | Age: 4 years old | Recovery: 2 years post-op

“She is comfortable and has full function of her repaired leg. I am 100% satisfied with the results of her surgery. Before her surgery, I doubted that she would ever regain full use of her leg or even run as fast as she used to. However, within a couple of months she was completely back to normal.” – Chiara Savi, North Andover, MA

Patient: Abby | Age: 10 years old | Recovery: 2 years post-op

“We are extremely grateful on the outcome. Abby had so much energy before and struggled while we tried to figure out the next move. Only thing I wish is that I found you sooner. Abby does not seem to have any pain outside of weather changes that can cause him to move a bit slow getting up until it is stretched out. Level of function, she acts and does everything I expect a 10-year-old dog to do.” – Sean Pedersen, Revere, MA

Patient: Gunny | Age: 10 years old | Recovery: 2 years post-op

“Gunny is very active and goes for an off leash walk almost every day. He is slowing down a bit and turning white in the face from old age but his leg is working great! Thanks so much for a great job!” – Brian Martin, Merrimack, NH

Patient: Buddy | Age: 10 years old | Recovery: 2 years post-op

“He had surgery on both legs at the same time! Amazing! Dr. Murtha was the only one willing to do both legs at the same time. The only thing I wish could have been done was to have Buddy stay overnight that first night. It was a bit scary not having his back legs to use and monitoring his pain level and post anesthesia recovery. Buddy received outstanding care! Dr. Murtha is the best and the staff is excellent!” – Marcia Panico, Danvers, MA

Patient: Bella | Age: 9 years old | Recovery: 2 years post-op

“That Donna at the front desk is fantastic! Dr. Murtha’s procedure is amazing, you’d never know my dog had any kind of injury, ever! Thank you all!” – Kopacz, Rhonda, Lowell, MA

Patient: Fonzarelli | Age: 12 years old | Recovery: 2 years post-op

“He is doing better than I ever could have expected! He is living a full, happy and healthy life!! Many thanks.” – Norma Tatone, Methuen, MA

3 Years Post-Op

Patient: Mata | Age: 9 years old | Recovery: 3 years post-op

“Mata does not appear to be in any discomfort; she uses both of her legs and is able to walk and run as well as she did prior to surgery. She did injure her other leg a year after, also repaired by Dr. Murtha. We are very happy with the results of Mata’s surgery. She is able to walk and run which is more than we expected. Her level of activity is back to pre-tear.” – Meaghan Grinell, Haverhill, MA

Patient: Sharik | Age: 8 years old | Recovery: 3 years post-op

“The dog is doing GREAT! My wife takes him for a 3 mile run every day and he has no issues at all.” – Andrei Zharov, Lexington, MA

Patient: Stella | Age: 6 years old | Recovery: 3 years post-op

“Both legs repaired within the same year. Doing awesome!” – Stephen Bogursky, Bedford, NH

Patient: Beau | Age: 6 years old | Recovery: 2 years post-op

“I have not hesitated to recommend NAHAH for surgery, to friends, our primary care vet, and neighbors. I also loved the staff and their friendly caring. We are moving to VT (dogs love it there) but would drive back here if surgery needed. Beau’s comfort level is good, and his repaired leg’s functionality is back to normal. Took almost 2 years to get full function, we worked him too far. The receptionist we dealt with was OUTSTANDING, caring, personable, great follow-up, still remember her and how nice she was! I have recommended this practice and procedure.” – Ann Mccann, Groveland, MA

Patient: Arlo | Age: 8 years old | Recovery: 3 years post-op

“So very grateful for Arlo’s experience while treated there at NAHAH. He continues to have a healthy existence. Thank you!” – Amy Carter, Milford, NH

Patient: Ollie | Age: 7 years old | Recovery: 3 years post-op

“The motion of hopping up the stairs is good therapy when he healed after surgery. I carried Ollie up the stairs for a long time and as a result, his had weakness in the leg. As soon as I brought him back, the doctors told me to let him hop up the stairs, he started walking normally! THANK YOU SO MUCH!” – Janet Collet, Newburyport, MA

Patient: Chancey | Age: 11 years old | Recovery: 3 years post-op

“The boy is getting old and age is taking its toll on him but comfort level is good. Level of function is good, we walk every day.” – Mary Hamel, Bradford, MA

4 Years Post-Op

Patient: Addie | Age: 7 years old | Recovery: 4 years post-op

“Addie is doing very good, does not seem to be in pain.” – Moira Gianelli, Hamilton, MA

Patient: Logan | Age: 9 years old | Recovery: 4 years post-op

“Both legs were repaired. Logan is doing really well! No pain and is very comfortable. He is walking great with no limping. The surgeries went as expected and the results have been great. He is back to his normal walking routine with no issues.” – Alex Gomez, Peabody, MA

Patient: Mazie | Age: 6 years old | Recovery: 4 years post-op

“Excellent job was done on both legs. She was very young when we first one was done and she has had an excellent life with no complications. Your services were excellent and I have recommended you to all f my friends. I would also bring any future pets to you if they are ever in need of surgery. Everyone there has been excellent and very professional.” – Stephanie Cellery, Lowell, MA

Patient: Bonnie | Age: 14 years old | Recovery: 4 years post-op

“Bonnie recovered well with no issues. I was always satisfied with the care from NAHAH.” – G. Foster, Methuen, MA

Patient: Truman | Age: 14 years old | Recovery: 4 yeras post-op

“No limping—Truman’s comfort level has been so very good 3 years post surgery. His level of function is very good, stairs are still not a problem and he is 13 years old. I’ve been very satisfied with the care that Truman has received at NAHAH. The staff is always friendly and professional. The doctors don’t push extra services and are transparent about the costs and procedures. Pricing is competitive. Dr. Murtha takes his time explaining options; I never felt rushed or pressured to make a decision. I’ve recommended NAHAH to others with confidence.” – Sandra & John Lheron, North Andover, MA

Patient: Kage | Age: 13 years old | Recovery: 4 years post-op

“She is doing well. Sometimes has a little limp but only when having to do many stairs (my home office is on the 3rd floor and if she goes up & down 3-4 times during a day, she can sometimes limp a little if we take a longer walk but at her age, I would say she is doing well. I am her new adopted owner and she has lost quite a bit of weight 40-45 lbs nowadays and it seems easier for her to get around. Her previous owner who was very pleased with the result. Doing well post surgery!” – Rebecca Balogh, Haverhill, MA

5 Years Post-Op

Patient: Duke | Age: 9years old | Recovery: 5 years post-op

“I would recommend Dr. Murtha and this procedure very highly. I couldn’t be more pleased!” – V. Tamburello, Methuen, MA

Patient: Marley | Age: 11 years old | Recovery: 5 years post-op

“His function is very good for a 10 year old golden. He wants to do more than he should. He can do stairs; we do limit his distance walking, and no jumping. I remembered being shocked when I saw the leg area post surgery. I wasn’t prepared for the bruising; I think I kept calling to make sure it was normal. And seeing the staples was scary. But very happy with the method used and entire procedure. The recommendation to do water therapy was huge! It made a major contribution to his recovery and helped him get muscle and strength back. I always recommend NAHAH to my friends and even strangers!!” – Shely Kochonski, North Andover, MA

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